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In the example of this video clip, a journalist asks the white house spokesman Psaki about what she meant by "carrousel voting" in Ukraine's referendum, to which she replied "the truth is as I was reading that, I am not familiar with that term either" - this glitch reveals that she had a prepared answer to a prepared question, by a journalist who acted like he is freely asking her random questions. This demonstrates just how useless it is to criticize the establishment, and the fact that they do it best themselves as a form of distraction. So if you want to be useful to getting rid of these criminals, find creative ways to publicize the solution instead.

In a similar way in 2016, a long time friend and supporter of the Clintons, Donald Trump ran as an anti Clinton presidential candidate.

Rating system on television is rigged for the purpose to create an illusion that they show what the people want see, when in fact money decides what is shoved into people's faces. The only way to have freedom of the press is if there are real elections, and legitimately elected officials choose the programmers for it. Money controlled establishment media networks such as CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC, PBS, BBC, RT and others should have no right to call themselves free or independent any more than coca cola company should have the right to call itself a health drink, targeting children.

Those of you who tried setting up your own independent media outlets to educate people, are fully aware of difficulties getting through and being heard, because everything is obscured by money and advertisements - You say something good on a social network, a few days later a meme with your quote, perhaps slightly changed is already circulating with a picture and a signature of some TV celebrity as the author. Under act, any TV talk show hosts who are found plagiarizing people's quotes from social media networks will be either immediately replaced by the original author, or the networks hosting these thieves will be required to pay heavy fines to the author of original content.
It is important to understand the tactics used by the elites to control humanity, as well as to present the solution.

EXAMPLE 1: When in 2014 the people in Ukraine began protesting against their corrupt leader, and they did not back down, the elites quickly hijacked the protest movement to ensure that control remains in their power: Obama was ordered to invite international banker selected puppet Yatsenyuk to the white house presented as some sort of leader of the new people's coalition, before any elections even took place, to help build him up. Transcripts even reveal high profile puppets, posing as "US officials" deciding over telephone who could be a good choice for a new Ukrainian "president".

And when people in the eastern Ukraine decided that they will not fall for this new oligarchy and decided to instead hold a referendum to separate from this puppet circus, the so called "international community" stood by as the new Kiev government carried out genocide against these people. It should be noted that Russian president Putin, (the supposed "opposition to the west" in this global criminal circus) not only failed to intervene as he did in South Ossetia, (aside from creating an illusion of intervention in this separate case) but Putin actually openly and publicly advised Eastern separatists to "postpone their referendum", until perhaps after Ukraine holds "more legitimate elections" in which no one can vote against the puppets, which were well publicized in advance, in this case even by the white house.

Furthermore a passenger airplane with 300 people on board was derailed and shot down as it was flying over Ukraine and sent off course over a war zone where just recently before that, several of Ukrainian own military airplanes have been shot down flying as high as 21,000 feet. No one in the so called "international world community", not even on the Russian media found the reason to point out this most important part in this crime against humanity, instead, beating around the bush as a distraction.

EXAMPLE 2: Islamic State was formed as a resistance to land being stolen from people mostly of Islamic faith in Iraq, by self proclaimed "international world community". They had full right to defend themselves, in fact they were heroes for doing so, obviously. And they were very successful, despite their lack of aviation and other high technology weaponry, taking over towns with ease, because the local people supported them, unlike what was shown on television.

So international criminals hijacked that movement as well: Paid mercenaries wearing masks brought in, beheading innocent people, waving ISIS flags were shown on Television, as the official Islamic State. And that is how the Iraqi resistance disappeared.

EXAMPLE 3: In 2007, a US congressman Ron Paul revived a Tea Party movement, with a clear intent to audit Federal Reserve (a creation of international bankers). The movement became popular among Americans, without any publicity from the establishment media. And then, all of a sudden, on January 24th of 2012, Ex federal reserve bank chairman Herman Cain, who was rival of Ron Paul for president at the time, who even offended him publicly, was selected to give a Tea Party response to Obama's state of the union address on all the so called independent news networks: CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, BBC. Aside from that, there showed up a whole bunch of crooked conservatives on the establishment media, attaching themselves to the Tea Party movement, shoving Ron Paul and his initial idea completely out of the way. Even insulting Ron Paul on many occasions. And that is how Tea Party was turned into a joke.

SOLUTION: is a movement that is impossible to hijack because of its' core principles around which it is based. As the title suggests, it itself is hijacking back the so called "New World Order". None of their scams can work to derail this movement, or to put out the flame once it starts. And it is important to understand that the global elites do intentionally and regularly ignite small flames/conflicts which they control, in order to prevent the wild fire from spreading. Their scare tactics will also not work against because we officially represent the entire world, while at the same time it is evident that populations of the entire world are not satisfied with their hijacked governments - and while this last statement can be debatable, the referendums, which is the only real way to find out whom the majority of people supports, will show us that. And that is what is all about - eradicating global oligarchy through referendums, not leaving them any place on this planet to hide, to regroup, to come back.

1. It is very evident that political industry and it's sidekick news media considers us to be subhuman, and we consider them to be nothing more in return: We never have and never will showcase on the establishment media, because we view it as controlled opposition and we stand completely separated from the establishment. This way, when our movement will finally take off, it will not be destroyed by the establishment media as we have witnessed with Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and other campaigns, which died the moment establishment media stopped mentioning them.
2. We advocate the "against" vote option in all elections, which does not work for lobbyism, because it makes it extremely easy for people to vote out any politicians they invest money in.
3. We do not accept donations, our movement is completely organic: And while anyone can make such a claim, it is a fact that we never showcased on the establishment media - you heard about us from your friends and not from the establishment. Often when the candidate has been dished out for the people on the establishment media, they will tell their friends, and you may have heard about your favorite candidate from your friends; but where have your friends first heard about that candidate? What was the point of inception?
INFIGHTING - Every day we see someone trying to educate us about political corruption and hypocrisy - We already know that our politicians are corrupt, we have been educated enough, what we need is a solution, and when we ask them what is the solution, they always answer "first we need to educate people" as if we are stupid. How many organizations do we have to join? How many petitions do we have to sign? I recently joined the 9:11 truth movement on facebook for example, and upon search on google for 911 truth, I found out that there are quite a few different kinds of 9:11 truth movements, some versions with planes hitting the buildings and some without planes, others are already expressing their outrage that some of their donations were stolen without authorization. Upon closer look, almost all the educational web sites seem to seek donations for their cause. I tried to get these movements to join together so they could win elections, but failed because they are like rock bands trying to make it in the music business, so I decided to form my own movement and some of them began laughing at me that I only have a few members, but I found out that there are businesses who can quickly help me gain lots of members for a little bit of money, but if I donate my money for such a cause, then what is to unite us? And if we become extremely well educated, but divided, then what good is our intelligence? In my opinion the only way to settle this is to hold our own elections rather than to blindly join one political pop movement after another until we get exhausted and lose interest.

*** Federal reserve, which was enacted during Christmas Holidays in 1913, when most lawmakers were out on vacation, will be replaced with a act where any time the voters will decide that new money needs to be introduced into the system, it will be automatically and equally credited directly into each legal citizen's account, rather than through some special interests who are in the business of bribing and sucking up to the government;
*** All private prisons will be abolished, made self sustainable by prison labor rather than weight lifting classes or slave labor for private corporations.
*** All elections will be required to have the "against" option, and the open vote option (allowing public to see how the person voted)
*** Direct democracy act, under provision that no new law shall affect any one particular group of people over another in any way in regards to ownership of any existing assets, with exception of natural resources which must not belong to any one particular group over another: Each new law, and each old law will be put up for a vote by the people who will have the opportunity to either approve or repeal it.

DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY OUR PERCEIVED LACK OF POPULARITY Does really have a chance to win 2016 US elections for Senate, Congress, President? - already WON the elections. All that is needed is to gain recognition to win the establishment's popularity contest. Is this some sort of a joke? No. The joke is what we have been conditioned to accept as reality: When a couple months ago this gentleman from another movement ridiculed me and the as being a joke, since as he explained "you only have 9 friends on your facebook, and your youtube video only has 15 views, while my video of my movement has over a million views" I became curious, did some search on google and found out that for only $500 I could get a package to have 10 million YouTube Views + 5000 followers on facebook within a week.

- Do not be discouraged by our perceived lack of popularity because there are all these movements, with tens and hundreds of thousands of followers already, because there are THOUSANDS of such movements, but there is only one world - And so there can be only one movement, with one clear uniter, uniting the people to take a successful stand against the global oligarchy. And ONLY LEGITIMATE ELECTIONS, as described on NWG website can determine such a movement and such a uniter - anything else, any other revolution, will be a revolution staged by those who control the money supply - and we saw plenty of those throughout history, and quite a few recently in Iraq, in Libya, in Ukraine, in Syria.

They can have their thousands of members by shoving ads all over the internet, paid for by money, talking about how they want to get money out of politics, by showcasing on the establishment media (where they can reach out to hundreds of millions) criticizing the establishment - but people in general are not as stupid as they want us to believe, as they want them to be: when they will be able to vote for or against these these politicians, these "movements", you will see how they will vote: is the only movement that is not divisive, that does not advocate that "those who have too much need to give to those who don't have enough" or that "those who have smaller military need to be rescued, liberated by us, since we have a bigger military" - For us, only the beginning is hard, because we are being oppressed and ignored by the political industry, which controls mass media - to them, we are like a bull that does not follow their rules, disrupting their game, only the people are tired of their game: ask around in your own neighborhood how people feel about politics and you will see: it is not just your neighborhood, not just your country - it's all countries, it's in the whole world - people are tired of their political circus:

The excitement we see for political industry on television and on social media is the political industry criticizing and publicizing each other in their own political circus, attending each other's events like in a boxing match. I've met some upper class people who admitted to me that in their line of work, they were REQUIRED to attend both democratic rallies and republican rallies. But how many percent of actual people, in America have stickers, banners or any sort of signs in support of these celebrities on their homes, their properties, their vehicles? how many PERCENT of the whole population? - No more than 1%. - Popularity of these celebrities is artificial - vast majority of ordinary people have long been discouraged from political participation, and yes it will take persistence to get them to pay attention to us, because they associate politics with parasites, they are used to the idea that if it's not about collecting donations, it's about raising taxes, or bombing other nations, or robbing people in some other way, and they want no part in that. That's why even the top political celebrities need to hire companies that can provide crowds for their public appearances. Without establishment media publicity, these imbeciles could be campaigning at public toilets. even without their publicity, for several million I could easily bus in thousands of people to these woods to listen to me, to worship me, to cheer for me. I even have a dance floor behind this bar where we could fit about 1000 people. But I do not say to you "donate now let's do this, we will look more serious" I do not play that game where so called world leaders need to hire pop stars to perform at their events, in order to get enough people to attend their inaugurations. (question becomes who is the real opening act)

They taught us in schools for example that "Nazis" had men with with guns behind the crowds, pointing guns at people's backs, forcing them to cheer for Adolf Hitler. Their propaganda improved over the years, but this is what they taught us in schools - They didn't teach us this about themselves, but I have friends in high places, in America, whose names I will not mention, who told me, that they were told that if they will not attend certain political event for Barac Obama, and bring their families along, that their political careers will greatly suffer. I remember driving through town of Warren PA in 2008, on Market street, between first and 7th avenue, I saw John McCain signs besides every property, on both sides of the road! Now THERE was a man who was popular. I drove there again a week later, and only one John McCain sign remained there - it was besides an abandoned building - all others were taken down: they create an illusion of their own popularity. How? with money - NWG is the only movement that does not require any money, any donations - it is your movement against the global political industry which controls the money supply and the mass media - Do not be discouraged by its' perceived lack of popularity! People say "people are ignorant" yes!, but let me tell you a short, true story:

I used to have a bunch of chickens in my back yard a few years ago, I bought an incubator, we tested it out and it worked - we had about 40 chickens one summer. And sometimes I would want to get those chickens to come to a certain part of my property to eat. And at first it would always be hard to get their attention, I would keep calling them "pepepepe" - they would ignore me, they would be busy scratching somewhere where there's nothing left, while I just flipped over a log and there's a bunch of insects and worms where I'm standing. Then after I would get a couple of them to come to me, the rest of the herd would still ignore me, maybe one or two would lift their heads to stare at me, wondering if it's worth the hassle to move to a different location. But then, after I would get just a few more to come my way, the rest of the herd would follow at the speed of lightning!!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME. ALWAYS THE SAME.

- Do not be a chicken: Do your duty to publicize it is not a cool or trending movement at the moment, but it is the only way to end political corruption - If you work for the government and are concerned that you will be ridiculed for supporting such a ridiculous movement, You can publicize us with negativity: by criticizing us, by ridiculing us, by making a mockery out of us! - Any time you see someone saying "stop Hillary 2016", you tell them "oh no, stop 2016!" - it's just as effective to get attention - people are curious, they will figure out what is what - as long as you guide them in the right direction. I see some of you still sharing political images that are absolutely not related to the, criticizing the establishment - what good does it do? Are they not popular enough as hypocrites already? are they not criticized enough by their own establishment media as it is? It is no coincidence that celebrities such as Hillary Clinton with her Benghazi scandal, Chris Christie with his Bridge scandal, Donald Trump with his Bankruptcy scandal, Bernie Sanders with his ties to communism scandal ended up as front runners in their presidential race - because they were criticized, they were publicized! Do not be discouraged, publicize the solution - you may say "but I'm just one person, what impact can I make?" - You are an intelligent person, because you are paying attention to this, the retards are watching establishment media and trying to figure out what's wrong with all the people.

UNLESS WE ARE WORKING TO GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM OUR ACTIVISM IS MEANINGLESS - With anything related to politics, the problem is not local, not national. For example when I lived in North Philadelphia for 12 years, across the street, the place looked literally like a thrash can. There is nothing I could have done about that, one time as I was walking right near my house, I saw a big fat man pull up with his car and dump a bunch of garbage right in front of me (Mcdonald's big meal packaging or whatever it was) And I politely said to him "you really shouldn't be doing this". And this scumbag got aggressive with me, I said something back and I ran, he tried to chase me, then as he stopped I stopped (he couldn't run much), and I looked at the back of his car he had the "support our troops" sticker. His kid and his woman were laughing at us (not sure at which of us). Perhaps some may say I was a sissy that I was polite with him, I should have knocked his brains out - I don't have that kind of muscle (he was a huge whale), and if I would have had a gun and shot him, then I would have probably been in jail. The point is, this was under George Bush who was supposedly "busy cleaning up thrash in Iraq", while people in his own country were receiving welfare, without even being required to clean up thrash in their own neighborhoods. I know that fat man did not get big by working. [that is why i believe local activism is waste of our effort when the system is corrupt from the core]

Then There are groups and activist, who either by ignorance or by profession advocate that a bloody revolution is the only way to solve anything - And they use names such as liberals, communists, islamo fascists to define the enemy - Where were these brave hearts when tens of millions of American families were losing their homes to banks, which were bailed out by their government while under a conservative president's watch? The other side, which likes to call themselves progressives, want us to believe that "if we just get rid of conservatism or confederate flag, everything will be back to normal". Then there are activists who believe that only someone like Russia's Putin, or China can stop the Zionist Aggression, but their savior Putin has been blaming America for his own countries problems for the last more than 10 years: he regularly complains that "America has Russia enslaved" - but America itself is "trillions of dollars in debt", according to the same political circus actors (who sometimes shake hands behind the scenes) - there must be some other slave owner somewhere.

Bottom line is this: there is the global political circus, and there is the, which is the solution to bring power back to the people. If you get involved with us, together we can change the world.

IMMIGRATION - To solve our immigration problems, America will seize to exist as a welfare state. Political industry profits from closed borders, not open borders: we cannot even take fruits on board air planes, while doors are wide open for the special class to import cheap goods, set up Walmarts, bring in drugs, laborers and so on. Due to their political connections, people such as Donald Trump managed to bring in and legalize thousands of immigrants to work for their companies, while ordinary people struggle to even get their relatives in: I will use my own situation as an example:

In America there is only me and my wife. I am a legal US citizen, been living here since 1987, never sat on any government assistance program. My Filipino wife is a permanent resident, she will only be eligible for US citizenship in 2 more years. We have our own business, managing it fine, everything is ok, no complaints. But here is the reality:

After my father passed away in our warehouse while working last October, since I have no relatives of my own, I tried all legal ways to get my father and brother in law from Philippines to come to America to help us out with our concrete business, because at times we have to lift things that weigh well over 200 pounds, and for my 95 pound wife especially it is not easy - I made all kinds of gadgets, and we have a forklift, but sometimes we have to struggle. We are always optimistic, we call it exercise, show off our muscles to each other once in a while and make jokes about fat Americans to make ourselves feel better about our hard work. All attempts to get visa for my wife's relatives, none of whom (nor us) have any criminal record, never filed for bankruptcy, have been denied by the so called US government. The only one with the criminal record I see is the American government itself - Criminality, which ironically is noticed the most by those who express their frustration with illegal immigration issue - my friends who like to call themselves "conservatives", who do not seem to trust the government the most! but so how can they then trust their government to dictate who is legal and who is illegal in US? And they often confuse USA with America, calling Mexicans illegal in America, as if Mexico or Brazil is not part of America.

After my attempts to reach out to the government, I began getting mailers from private companies offering me help on this for several thousand dollars. I believe the refusal may or may not have had something to do with my political activism, but I am confident that nothing will ever bring back my respect for this system, no matter how many puppets will be changed. is the only organization i will trust to do the dictating on immigration issue:

As I see there are two main reasons for concern about illegal immigration: 1. jobs and 2. criminals. As far as jobs, I again will use my own personal example: We live in a country, and a few years ago, we asked our local farmer if we can buy milk directly from him. He explained that he would have no problem selling it, but that "regulations do not allow it, I could get in trouble, there is so much red tape, so hard to get permits". So (until we became vegan) we kept buying milk 30 miles away, at Walmart, paying $4 a gallon to a chain store known as being owned by non Americans.

To solve our immigration problems, America will seize to exist as a welfare state. Today we live in a world where we can travel to the opposite side of the world in a matter of hours, where we can communicate with each other instantly over internet, yet for their benefit our nations remain as gated communities: we cannot even take fruits on board air planes, while doors are wide open for the special class which profits from our division, from misery of others, from drug trafficking, human trafficking, cheap foreign labor, lending money to desperate governments and so on. But If you look at history - they were never able to sustain a nation for too long, because they bankrupt every nation that they hijack, and then move onto another nation (sort of like a gardener).

I created not because I am a foreigner who wants to destroy America, but because I saw how when the system such as USSR or any other collapses, it's the ordinary hard working people who suffer the most, and not those who have been a part of the system - And if you are an ordinary person, no matter of which nationality, it is your responsibility to publicize this movement.

THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD IMMIGRANTS - And there are two ways to avoid influx of bad immigrants into our countries: One way is to build a fence around each nation so tall that the airplanes cannot fly over it, and the second way is to make these animals extinct in the whole world: America may have a strong military, but when in the eyes of local populations it is viewed as a terrorist organization, then no matter how strong its' thunder and lightning, the people will resist and reject it. History has proven this to be a fact. Under the command of this military will be respected globally, because it will officially represent the whole world rather than some special interests.
In a city of 2 million, a crowd of 20,000 people is 1%. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have managed to accomplish that, how? By relentlessly showcasing on the establishment media in front of hundreds of millions. This means absolutely nothing, because before the media's obsession with these candidates, they could have been campaigning at public toilets, since there is no record, no videos of them campaigning in front of any crowds at that point. What about someone like Hillary Clinton who has also been showcasing no less on the media, but cannot draw any crowds at all? - she is a sidekick to the circus, to make other candidates look better.
ANARCHY IS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: It's purpose is to discourage people who no longer fall for the political circus on television, from unity outside of the establishment controlled circus, since anarchy is all about "individualism - plant your own garden and ignore the system"

Who cares about your political truth

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