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The great achievements of Adolf Hitler are very uncomfortable for most people to acknowledge today, because to do so would instantly label them as crazy lunatics within their own circle. It's like stepping from the darkness into a very bright light, when we have been living in a world where millions of political experts, most of whom seek to appeal to the money providers, in order to get some sort of funding, a radio or TV show, who like dogs feel who is the master and who was the greatest enemy of the master, have all been relentlessly demonizing Hitler.

Hitler got Germany out of total depression within a few months after coming to power, without starting any wars, but by simply getting rid of the international bankers. And today we know how bankers tolerate nations who drop their game - recent examples include but are not limited to Iraq, Libya and Syria.

After WW1 a portion of Germany was annexed by Poland, where German people were being systematically abused and murdered, in order to provoke a war, somewhat like what Israel has been doing to Syria. And in Russia, many millions of people were dying of starvation before Hitler invaded it. When political partners such as communists and capitalists, democrats and republicans act as fierce enemies, and yet are all united in their stand against something, they sound very convincing, because surely if it wasn't so, the other side would expose it. But reality is that while U.S. Operation Iraqi freedom did not achieve much success for the people of Iraq in over a decade, many years later, the best U.S. leaders could do was make unannounced visits to Baghdad's fortified green zone, within a couple of weeks of Hitler's so called invasion of France, Hitler was able to drive through the streets of Paris in an open car surrounded by cheering crowds. We have been taught in schools in both USSR and USA that there were men with guns behind these crowds forcing them to cheer. Forcing them to cheer would be one thing, but forcing them to act convincingly happy and liberated is another thing. And so the best they can do is to degrade humanity, and to convince the masses that the masses are ignorant and retarded.

Many of these political experts also compare Trump to Hitler: while Trump, who dares to call himself an outsider, has been vetted by the establishment and featured in dozens of hit Hollywood movies since 1980's and has been presented on the establishment media for the whole nation as a presidential candidate before he could even fill a toilet of supporters, the only way Hitler could reach out to the voters was by risking his life storming Beer Halls in Munich.

We have to set the record straight about Nazi Germany, because if there is a right way of achieving success, and the establishment (which wants to cling to power) will have us convinced that the right way is evil, then that will prevent us from going the right way to achieve success.

In the mid 1930's in Germany everyone had jobs, everyone could take vacations, children no longer needed to be sold into prostitution, elderly had the care they needed, while USSR and USA, partners in a later war against Hitler, were still reeling in their total economic depressions. What would Germany have to gain by starting a war against the world unprovoked? No more than Syria has to gain by starting a war against Israel, or Russia against America.

Today there are many gang members with swastika tattoos and other supremacist leaders such as Richard Spencer who while giving out "Hail Hitler" style salutes, openly state that Hitler was wrong - These Zionist shills are given plenty of coverage by the establishment media, for the sole purpose that they help their cause of demonizing Hitler's image. There was no racism under Adolf Hitler, no mass murder of the sick and the elderly, the Jews, the gays or anyone else. The mountains of bodies that are being presented in History books as the Jewish victims of Holocaust are in fact German victims of Allied bombings, by the same evil that dropped Nuclear bombs on Japan.

Somehow I found myself surrounded on facebook by Anarchists who keep telling each other that "we do not need any leaders - just grow your own food, avoid paying taxes, try to be as much self sustained as possible, and if enough of us do that, the system will collapse by itself" - For such a plan to work, even if we would convince 99% of the population to live like anarchists, the well organized 1% of criminal political industry will still be able to impose their will upon this 99%, just like they are doing today. I happen to grow my own food, have my freezers stocked with roadkill deer meet, I have my own water well, I live deep in the woods. And maybe that is what makes me intelligent enough to understand that Anarchy is a pipe dream, and that we do in fact need a focal point, or a so called leader, as much as we may hate to see someone being more important and respected than ourselves. We may look at a leader as a competition for our attention, since we ourselves, being regularly fed, clothed and sheltered are mostly lacking attention. But I am ready to have a leader other than myself, as long as he can assure me that the global criminal political industry will be swiftly eradicated. Such a man has my full support. Anarchists have not presented us with such a plan. They seem to me like those religious people who keep telling us to just wait for Jesus to come back and eradicate evil. But how long do we have to wait? I believe that millions of people around the world, especially in the middle east need help as soon as possible. And I believe our own ignorance is a crime - while we may be condemning political corruption one minute, the next minute we may get in a car and go to a restaurant for a lobster dinner, I believe if we do not get with the program, do not get involved with the solution, which is we do in fact deserve to have our lives destroyed.
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