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Millions of political experts around the world "want to help create a better justice system". Only none of them rally behind our proposal to introduce the against vote, instead, relentlessly criticizing each other. That is why our movement seems like it is going absolutely nowhere, because none of them like talking about it, because success of this movement would mean the end of their politically related careers.

It is the responsibility of ordinary people from all parts of the world to popularize the movement in America, outside of the establishment media, that will win elections and liberate humanity from global oligarchy.

Remember: The minute we accept donations, or try to sell anything related to politics, or showcase on the debates of the mass media, we enter the game of the establishment, in which the outcome is always determined by money masters. Fellow activists, we must keep it simple!



PROBLEM: Political corruption is responsible for everything from animal abuse, to environmental abuse, to wars, and everything else that is evil, because while government's responsibility is supposed to be to protect the justice system, it has instead become overrun by political prostitutes who are manipulated by special interests.

SOLUTION: Unite to elect representatives who will pass election laws allowing people to vote not only for, but also against candidates: in such elections, any publicity of a candidate by the establishment media and the big money will become irrelevant, because it will also give voice to all the voters who oppose the establishment's "maverick".

FRAUD: In order for us to be able to unite, we must be able to instantly identify political fraud, who understanding that people despise the establishment, like to hide behind radical sounding names such as "freedom alliance, maverick front, independent block, nation first, and millions of other catchy labels. These low lives keep trying to convince us that the masses of people are ignorant, and that there are dangers of rising up against the establishment, and other complications such as requirement of money, all of which discourage people from unity, despite their desire to see a real political change.

ELITES ACT LIKE THEY SEEK NEW WORLD ORDER. Really? Who profits from disorder?




My respectable friends: Understanding the situation in America and the world, it is time to put our games of pride and attention seeking aside, and FOCUS!!! At the time when there is a complete absence of support for the establishment media candidates on the streets in America, it is evident that the establishment cannot be trusted to count the votes or monitor the elections, so here is a clear, to the point plan of how we will liberate America and the world by the summer of 2021:

FIRST OF ALL, right now, it is your responsibility to keep educating your friends not just so much about political corruption, but about political solution. Once awakened, and knowing that we are not limited to jumping on the bandwagon of some supposed maverick the establishment throws at us through its' media, we, the American people who have overwhelmingly rejected establishment's tools of 2016, will elect candidates for US senate, congress and president, which are loyal not to international bankers, publicized on TV, but candidates of our own coalition - coalition which will not trust the establishment to do the vote count, it will do it's own vote count. (And the votes will count, once the coalition is big enough. And coalition will be big enough as long as we do not discriminate!) The name of this coalition is, purpose of which is to bring power back to local communities and individuals - it is a complete opposite of the so called new world order, in which a bunch of mostly old men happen to profit from disorder.

SECOND, with the complete power in our hands, and the strongest military in the world behind us, we will rename this military to the official police of the world and demand that every nation, starting with the so called axis of democracies, our so called "friends" holds real elections in which people can vote not only for some popular politicians publicized on the money controlled establishment media, but also against them. These elections will be monitored by both their local (possibly corrupt) governments, as well as by the This is a crucial step to ensure that criminal political industry gets wiped out globally and cannot regroup to destroy America as they destroyed every other nation that tried to rid itself of this plague. And the against vote option is absolutely essential because in such elections, any publicity of a candidate by the establishment media and the backing of big money becomes irrelevant, since it also gives voice to all the voters who oppose the establishment's so called new "maverick".

THIRD, we will begin rounding up all war criminals and other corrupt politicians around the world, leaving them no place to escape, no caves to hide in. If they have an alien space ship somewhere it will be their only hope to escape justice.

FOURTH, understanding that for every corrupt politician that is free, there are innocent people sitting in prisons, every criminal case, as well as every civil case will be reviewed by real judges which have not been corrupted by the establishment.

FIFTH, Federal reserve, which was enacted during Christmas Holidays in 1913, when most lawmakers were out on vacation, will be replaced with a act where any time the voters will decide that new money needs to be introduced into the system, it will be automatically and equally credited directly into each legal citizen's account, rather than through some special interests who are in the business of bribing and sucking up to the governments, creating this welfare class of billionaires who contribute nothing to humanity but oppression. There will be no more shortages of funding for social programs that the people find worthy of funding, and all the hypocrites who usurped the mass media who will dare to ask "where will you get the money to fund such programs?" will be required to answer "where did politicians come up with trillions of dollars to spend on wars that the people never voted for and never approved?

Finally, in 2024, (if not earlier) all candidates who ran for office with the in 2020 will resign, and are to never hold public office again. I as a spokesman of shall never hold public office in my life. I am not a politician, I am a worker I work with my own hands. All that is required from you, is to share this message, to print sign and stick it on your vehicles - there's no money involved. Do not worry about ignorance of the masses, just make sure you are not one of them by disregarding this message.

Communities must be able to decide locally how to run things, and what to teach in their schools. People from local communities must elect their local decision makers. But what if a local community is controlled by a local or international criminal gang, which can rig the elections? The only solution is to have an elected world government which must monitor local elections. It is not up to billionaires, but up to us, the most ordinary people to form this government from nothing. The name shall be - Decision makers for this body of government can only be decided through international elections and not popularity contests.

Would people vote against inventors, creators, producers, workers who decide to run for office? Not nearly as much! - The most despised are always politicians who contribute nothing to society. No such option is available in today's so called democracies, and no such option is advocated by any self proclaimed anti establishment groups. This is at the core belief of the as you will see throughout this web site. People are being constantly herded into rallies and demonstrations which achieve absolutely nothing. If you want to contribute to changing the world, aside for yourself and family, then study and share this web site.


Since we, the people are the vast majority, and the political establishment which manipulates and oppresses us is a very small minority - all it takes for us to unite and to liberate ourselves is to be able to easily identify fraud among ourselves, who may look like us, talk like us, act like us, say things their research shows people want to hear: No successful politician ever said that he or she is a part of the establishment or that the system is ok the way it is, or that they even want to be a politician, no!, they all just want to "help people" or "educate the people". But the next few paragraphs will explain that when it comes to politics, anyone who either needs donations, or has something to sell related to politics, or is allowed to showcase on the elite controlled establishment media, is a distractor and should be disregarded instantly:

First, donations: Why should any of these unity seeking groups, seeking donations unite, if their own donation collecting business takes off? It makes absolutely no sense for them to do so at that point! That is the reason for their division. Throughout the years I persistently tried to contact hundreds of such political movements, parties, organizations, to convince them to join together so that they can win elections and do something about what they preach - I failed. And they will call me a hypocrite, they say "it's the money that pays for your computer, your microphone, your clothes, car, gas" - yes, but I work for my money doing what has nothing to do with politics! And in my personal business I have absolutely no interest to unite with competition. No matter what I may pretend, they are not my friends, not in this system.

Now as far as web site which I host for my own money, it has no ads, it does not mention my full name anywhere, it does not have the "rich content" that is required for google rankings/google search, because it's all about to the point solution: I am not counting on it to be conveniently placed for the people to find in the search engines under popular search terms, on television or advertisements on social networks - I am only counting on YOU, who cares about solution to share it.

Second, political salesmen: If they have something to sell related to politics, whether it's a TV show, a book, a web site or a blog with advertisements - Their profit comes from selling that thing: If you have a successful business collecting thrash, and the government threatened to pass a law that punishes people for throwing thrash on the street that you collect, you would not want that law to be passed - it's a conflict of interest. Careers of these people depend on finding something bad about government instead of pointing to the solution - they always give the most publicity to the biggest scum, turning them into political celebrities and presidential candidates. They are the reason for our division, and they will blame the division among society on the "ignorance of the masses", but the masses are only ignorant because of their hypocrisy: which one of these political salesmen, political educators should the masses be listening to, paying attention to, uniting behind, when there are thousands of these political salesmen with their practically identical, stolen content, unwilling to unite among themselves? - THE ONLY SOLUTION to the confusion they cause BECOMES IGNORANCE! And the only solution to IGNORANCE becomes establishing a dictatorship to crush all these political hypocrites.

Third, showcasing on the elite controlled establishment media debates: Every time an "anti establishment" political expert participates in a debate on the establishment media, he helps draw people into their circus. Without the presence of these "anti establishment" political experts on the establishment media, masses of people would have turned away, and would have no longer been manipulated by the establishment. Why is someone like Ken O'keefe (god bless him) allowed to relentlessly showcase on all these establishment media networks, to criticize the establishment and the elites in front of hundreds of millions of people? - The same reason I allow my dogs to bark at me when we play: their barking is not a threat.

When someone like Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul decides to participate in that criminal circus on the establishment media, it may seem like a good idea, because he will be able to reach out to more people, more voters, yes, but we must also understand the bigger picture and the end result: it's just like going to play cards at the house of a known con artist, a known crook: this con artist then remains as the host, as our eyes and ears to the outside world, and it can manipulate the game when necessary: it can add all kinds of effects, to make our candidates look ridiculous when necessary, for example it can ad boos to his commentary, remove cheers, ad cheers to his opponents to make them look more likable in comparison, discrediting our candidates and our movements, or it can hijack our movements as it did with Ron Paul's 2007 Tea party, where Herman Cain, a rival of Ron Paul for president at the time, ended up giving a Tea party response to Obama's state of the union address, when the publicity mattered the most!! during primaries in 2012! so what if they allowed him to showcase during the regular season when it did not matter?

There should be no doubt what so ever that with the same amount of publicity as Donald Sanders, Bernie Trump or Hillbilly Clinton have been receiving on the establishment media, you could be a political superstar, if you would simply speak from your heart. But would they allow someone who speaks the full truth to showcase on the establishment media, as a presidential candidate, as much as they allow their selected cast? - NO! They have to be pre screened, they have to follow certain guide lines: for example they cannot offer any meaningful solution, they can only blame each other, they cannot say things about Israel, they cannot blame international bankers for terrorism, they must blame ISIS...

But today we have the opportunity to get the people on internet to share our message, if the people find our message worth sharing! - bypassing this money controlled establishment media all together. If we aim to serve the people, then this is what we need to be doing. But if they need the publicity from the debates on the establishment media to jumpstart their campaigns, then they are attempting to be accepted by the establishment, and to obscure, to trample other activists who have been banned even from political forums on internet, much less accepted by the establishment circus on television.

1. By caring (unless you are being manipulated) you are not helping the ignorant
, but rather oppressing their ability to steal from the good, working people; you are not empowering any organization or political candidate, but yourself.

2. Compare yourself to a driver on a highway: A good driver constantly looks not only what's going on right in front of oneself, but also what's further up the road (as well as to the sides). If you do not, you may miss the traffic slowing down, a car with a wheel about to fall off, or a parked policeman waiting to write you a ticket. While priority is always individualism, understanding and sharing the contents of web site will help us all avoid a multi vehicle accident. Individually, we can pull ourselves up by our own boot straps, if we are privileged enough to live in a free nation, but if we begin to rely on others to do our governing for us, we then rightfully lose our nation. And then it becomes not so easy to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps: we find ourselves blaming those around us.

Example: In the late 90's Mr. Nutcase was beaten up by a group of black "kids" a day after the news showed a group of white "kids" in Texas dragging a black man (James Byrd) to death, after (what is safe to assume) they were brainwashed by the media branch of political industry on how "a certain race of people never work, but only steal and sit on welfare". If Mr. Nutcase would be short sighted, he would blame the black people, because they were the ones who beat him up. If Mr. Nutcase would be a little bit smarter, he would also blame those white people in Texas. But an intelligent person understands that the ultimate cause of this hatred among people is non other than the political industry and career seekers within it, who instead of working and creating, instead of focusing on good, focuses on bad, because it profits from conflicts and controversy, wars and destruction. Some may think they are the wisest, because they identified "the ultimate blame lies with people like Rothschilds and Rockefellers" (since they are the richest, they read on internet all about their schemes), but an undebatable reality is that there are millions of wanna bee Rothschilds right among us everywhere, and if we do not combat the system which allows such people to exist, then eliminating them would only make way for a new rat in the house). Rothschilds can be best compared to a pile of crap, and the flies buzzing around them who cannot get close enough to suck off some profits can be best compared to their critics.

By learning to look outside of himself, Mr. Nutcase pulled the hate away from himself and became almost instantly happier in his personal life: over the last 20 years he never got into any fights, he now lives in a much nicer environment, has a lovely wife, lovely dogs, beautiful garden. Hatred no longer surrounds him, (it goes where it belongs - towards political industry). It's sort of like a cartoon we may have seen where a kid goes up to the lake, looks into the water, sees his own reflection and smiles; the face in the water smiles back. He then touches the water and ripples distort his face; he gets frightened and becomes angry, and the angry face looks back at him.

"United we win". Corporations unite their people by money, but they will always be divided among themselves. If we can unite without manipulation of money, we can outnumber them all and elevate ourselves above those who have been trampling us. We can all be as prosperous as the richest of the rich while doing a fraction of work we are required to do today just to pay bills, by simply ridding ourselves of the welfare class which exists on all levels of society.

Share our message, stop watching television, live your life.
If you have extra time, study this web site, help us set up a more reliable online voting system, help us count the votes, print and distribute stickers with logo.

WHAT SHOULD I NOT DO? Any time you talk about politics and corruption without mentioning you are working against People posing as anti establishment will befriend you, and then bait you, getting you to share their information, some of which is incriminating upon closer investigation, which then gives the establishment a "legitimate" excuse to put you in a black list, along with other "terrorist sympathizers" and make life more difficult for you: For example, there are images/memes circulating on social media, some of which very legitimately criticize the establishment, but most of these images have an origin, they lead to certain sites. And upon closer examination, some of these sites are downright criminal in nature. Some of these images also have descriptions, which can be changed by the original poster on Facebook AFTER you shared them, and those descriptions will change on your wall as well. If a genuine statement on an image is followed by a ridiculous description, it then turns you and your effort to spread the truth into a joke in the eyes of your followers.

It is therefore not wise to share any political content on Social media, unless it leads to clear solution: The only thing that matters in politics is - everything else is distraction, attention and career seekers, donation collectors, paid shills for one or another political campaign.

The disease that plagues our nations is not a government, and not a national disease: it is international, and one of the best defenses this global political establishment has against any real uprising is to be able to show us one of their own degraded nations such as Western Ukraine or North Korea, and say "look how people are struggling in those nations, you should feel privileged to live with such freedoms" - Yes, every time a nation tries to take a stand alone against this criminal industry, it somehow ends up in ruins! That is why we need, because trying to liberate America, Syria or Palestine is like trying to liberate an arm, when the whole body is infected with the same deadly virus: it would only bite back! - Why should America alone stand up against this global establishment, become the new official bad guy, get crushed by the new coalition and pay reparations to the political industry of the rest of the world? If America with it's mighty military decided to go about it nationally, it would end up no different than Nazi Germany - the whole world is already fiercely turned against America, waiting for such a spectacle to happen, but if we want to see the defeat of real evil, we must understand:

There was this so called "cold war" between USSR and USA. After USSR collapsed, it was not the regime big shots that suffered the most: North East Philadelphia where me and my father were living at the time, all of a sudden started to get flooded with Russian communists. And since we spoke Russian, and ourselves migrated from USSR a few years earlier, we naturally got to know a few of them, and they bragged to us: And unlike us, the working class people, these communists (I am not talking about ordinary Russians who suffered greatly after collapse, losing their pensions and all), but these communists, these so called "enemies of America" were receiving all kinds of US government benefits, within a month or two in the states they already managed to buy their own homes, all kinds of expensive operation procedures while sitting on welfare, their children were receiving scholarships that American kids could only dream about. My father who was a political prisoner under communism did not receive any US government benefits, I only had to listen to the lectures of brainwashed American kids at school about how foreigners like me are "coming here to steel the benefits" while my father was struggling, working over time to pay the bills. Logically it should have been the other way around. And conservatives cannot just blame "liberals" for this hypocrisy, because republicans (Reagan/Bush) were presidents at that time. And so I'm convinced, that if America was sacrificed, top war criminals would be living it up in a new nation with perhaps different names.

With all the chicken hawks who were drumming up wars all these years, can be easily tracked down, drafted, and sent to war to fight each other, away from cities where human beings live. And those who refuse to kill each other, will be immediately transferred into labor camps where they will pay for destruction they caused for the rest of their lives. There will be NO ESCAPE for them under such government, they will not be able to erase their past, to change their names by changing location. THAT IS PRECISELY WHY WE MUST NEVER SETTLE FOR ANY NATIONALISTIC CIRCUS which could NOT achieve such an objective.

This hypocrisy is not limited to America: According to communists, US and it's dollar was bad, people would go to prison for having US dollars in possession. In 1977 my mother met an American tourist who would later become my God mother, and they went to Moscow together, then the world capital of communism. There they had special stores and hotels for foreigners and distinguished regime big shots, where dollars were accepted - establishments which had guards at entrances to ensure that ordinary local people would not go in there by accident... And since my mother was traveling with an actual blonde American, and herself spoke English well, mistaken for an American herself, my mother was welcomed at the hotel reception with the warm ass kissing by a Russian woman. And then they needed to show their passports to register. My mother pulled out her red communist passport, and the receptionist at the desk almost fainted in disgust, as if "what is one of our own locals doing in this high class establishment, how did she sneak in"

Middle Eastern regimes are no better: In September and again November of 2014 I repeatedly and persistently tried to enter Damascus, Syria with a well documented objective to help bring shame on America and it's criminal allies who call themselves "the world community". But to my surprise, Syrian officials, whom I found eating fancy dinner and joking around, were not interested in any peace plan, which I traveled all the way from America, for my own money, unlike the politicians to talk to them about! It's only when they go on television that they play the victims: If I was Barak Obama, who funded Syrian opposition, or some other political big shot, these Syrian officials would have been trampling over each other over who will be the one to give me a ride into Damascus, which was just several miles away from that point. But instead, they claimed that it was my "US passport that is the problem", but when I would go to Syrian embassy in Beirut, I would see UN humanitarian workers, some of whom spoke English without any accent, get their Syrian entry visa stamped without any problems. Officially, UN has stated from the start, that Syrian regime is not legitimate and even had their own preferred new president showcasing on the establishment media. This demonstrates that "dictator" Assad is not in charge of anything other than doing TV appearances. International criminals are already in full control of the world, therefore the "threat" of new world government, or "order" in the world, is only a threat to the political industry actors, who present themselves as ordinary every day people.

Many self proclaimed "independent, unity seeking" activists will reject the idea of and the elections, they will claim that "government is the problem, especially world government". But we must understand that if the words such as love, truth or freedom were hijacked and repeatedly used to describe something evil, soon the people would hate those words as well! - Government is not a bad word, it has been hijacked. Names such as Maverick coalition, radical front, independence alliance, freedom block have all been taken by either career seekers or establishment's shills.

In America there is a big percentage of population which has absolutely zero respect for the American system. Some were brought in as slaves generations ago, others migrated here because their own nations were destroyed, or corrupted by globalists. I personally have lost all my respect for the American system back in the 1990's when I saw Bill Clinton ordering the bombing of Serbia, while the major media acting as a distractor was obsessed about his blow job..

A nationalist in the nation of immigrants, especially today where we can travel to the opposite side of the world in a matter of hours, and can communicate with each other instantly over internet, will never be able to unite a nation - He can unite about 1 or so percent, which in a city of 2 or 3 million can be 20-30,000 fans, and when packed into arena and televised it can look like he is uniting the nation, but he cannot unite the nation, and uniting the nation is exactly what needs to be done to liberate ourselves from oppression - other way it will be just another bunch of excuses, blaming the other side of the political circus. We have seen this rerun enough.

Eradication of global political plague requires focus, because divided, a large number of political experts in charge, are a definition of politics in the first place. Political industry teaches that dictatorships always end up evil. This half truth exaggeration must be examined and understood: Dictatorships are always a bigger threat to the political industry, to its' critics, than to the people.

In the example of this documentary about Pol Pot, at 24m:30s mark, a journalist talks about how there is absolutely no food supply left in the city (due to the war), while at 26:20 minute mark they accuse Pol Pot of "ruthlessly driving people out of the city". But food cannot be grown in the cities, therefore it is safe to assume that this whole professionally made documentary, which has been repeatedly broadcast to the entire world through the mass media is a lie, and that Pol Pot is as guilty for any mass murder as Saddam Hussein is guilty for ISIS.

Documentary about Saddam Hussein also does an excellent job at convincingly portraying him as a power hungry tyrant who will kill anyone to remain in charge. With eerie background music, clips of him walking around with a gun, a grin on his face. But the documentary does not mention the known fact that to oust Saddam from power, 911 attacks were orchestrated in America where 4 buildings with people inside were destroyed.

We as a planet are under a complete dictatorship. And while replacing one dictatorship for another is completely useless, replacing it with a system where power cannot be concentrated in the hands of the few, but is equally distributed among society, will create a society we can respect, in which it will feel like we are living among our friends and relatives. Political industry will call that communism or socialism.

Many dictators drive out the intellectual class from their nations for two main reasons - either because they are a threat to their grip on power, and/or because they usually usurp the nation's resources. We have seen examples of how this can cause the collapse of their economy, because there are no more intelligent people to operate the businesses, factories, farms etc. Nonetheless, at the time in America, where virtually everything has been usurped by the intellectual class, and the whole nation, including the government is in debt/enslaved, this issue must be addressed! We now have to pay for television, for internet which was developed by tax payer funded military, for rent or if we owe the property property taxes, licensing, for right to marry, in some parts of the country we no longer have the right to collect the rain water, or to plant gardens. All these absurdities were innovated by the intellectual portion of society as well. Political industry will link the good and the bad intellectual people into one class, and when someone will advocate that hypocrites who contribute nothing but oppression to society must be eradicated, they will fiercely defend the hypocritical elements, reminding us of how "such drastic actions would cause the whole economy to collapse" - They should study how Germany got out of depression in 1930's, but they are paid to deceive.

At the beginning of this video, Ken O'keefe hints that those of us who fail to call the enemy by it's true name "Jews" are a part of the problem. I call them criminals, and I call Israel a criminal state, because I do not allow my enemy to dictate a name for itself. Second, Ken O'keefe was allowed to relentlessly showcase on multiple establishment media networks, to criticize the establishment and the elites in front of hundreds of millions of people, while I was banned from every political forum on internet, so I know if I used a word "Jew" the way he has been using it on the MSM, I would have been banned a long time ago even from facebook, because I advocate an actual clear solution rather than entertaining people with 1.5 hour long video presentations, produced with eerie musical backgrounds, which lead to a site seeking donations. That said Ken O'keefe meets all 3 criteria identifying him as political fraud, so we cannot join him, but he is welcome to join us any time.

They do not work, but dictate, play games and take credit for creating jobs and prosperity. The more independent countries there are, the more of these parasitic leaders there can exist. United world is their greatest nightmare, but they remain in power through hypocrisy: All without exception backed by big money as they come to power, they come to power by acting as if they are against elite globalists. They all act as unity seekers, but those who placed them in power have always profited from our division. I have managed to gather 3000 friends on facebook, and yet significant number of these so called friends sicken me no less than top political leaders. Fraud is everywhere, but so are humans who are willing to work for what they have rather than to seek to profit from the misery of others. Regardless of how unattractive and repulsive this whole political business is to us, we human beings owe it to one another, to honor those who made our world great in the past by their hard work and innovation, to our future generations, we owe it to them to get involved with the one movement that can rid the world of global political plague, the movement which does not depend on money in any way, the one and only! Other way, our own ignorance becomes a crime in itself, and we deserve everything we get in the end by waking up the next morning in a different world than we expected.

With political industry eradicated globally, there will be no free loaders to feed off the working class. This means that a single working man will be able to provide more than enough for his family, the elderly and the charity for those in need. People will be able to take a vacation after vacation. Today's technologically advanced world (which was created by your ancestors and not the bankers) allows for this, All we have to do to achieve this, in as soon as 2021, is turn off our televisions and look within our own hearts. We must stop hating the haters, we must instead fanatically focus on what is good.

WE MUST UNDERSTAND that there are those among us seeking political careers, not to mention career politicians on television, who live luxurious lifestyles, who get paid to act as establishment's critics and advocates for the people - It is essential that we learn to identify and disregard them instantly if we are to unite instead of being continuously bounced around, because they profit from division. There are also those among us who are set on receiving some sort of monthly benefits, and although they like to complain about corrupt establishment in order to disguise their dependence on it, they are absolutely in no hurry to see any type of real political change - THEY WILL FIERCELY CRITICIZE OUR PLAN BELOW, WHILE PRESENTING NO SOLUTIONS OF THEIR OWN.

OUR PLAN: With all able bodied men 18-30 who cannot find jobs in private sector, working for the benefit of society, work force will be much greater than it is today, where a large percentage of young people are unemployed, a large portion of the employed contribute absolutely nothing productive, no services to society, but rather shovel money around from one business to another, collecting benefits, waiting for customers to show up with money. In today's technologically advanced world, this working class of young men will be able to provide all the essential work force needed. All other businesses will be for enjoyment rather than out of desperation to pay bills:

UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION: Today each household is required to come up with money to pay monthly internet, telephone, energy, annual tax bill, (even if they fully own the property). That is a lot of money, and most of it goes into the pockets of billionaires who contribute absolutely nothing to society: Internet for example was invented by taxpayer funded military complex, then privatized as another form of taxation - If they needed peoples' tax money for the military to protect our freedoms, how come they no longer needed it to develop the internet?? Liberals on television talk about "taxing those corporations more" - We don't need to tax them anything! all we need to do is take back what is rightfully ours: Instead of liberating Middle East, liberate our internet - allow communities to decide locally how to service their lines, without any corporation tax added, liberate our media so that instead of Kardashians, people can watch educational programs. And one may say "but the people don't want to watch educational programs, they prefer Kardashians" - take them off all welfare, and you will see what they prefer to watch.

There are all these political educators who have been threatening society with their theories about this big powerful enemy, under the name of illuminati or Zionists, connected with aliens, which have been mercilessly killing it's opponents. With their theories about how they killed Kennedy, they killed Lincoln, 60 million Jews, 30 million non Jews, 30 million animals, and how they can very easily kill you or hurt your family if you become a threat to them. Leading to conclusion that it is probably best to just let them do all the talking since they're so brave and it's so dangerous.

This is all an illusion: these career politicians and political wannabes have been advocating to arrest people such as Bush and Obama, and they act like for that they have been prosecuted and they need our support and fast. I have been making much bolder public statements for years: I have been openly advocating to put all of these war criminals into labor camps for life, and not just Bush or Obama, but millions of them from all over the world. And I am still alive, because enemies of humanity are in fact absolutely powerless against us - their power is an illusion.