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With millions of political experts seeking your attention, we are at a great disadvantage because of our stance of no donations and no showcasing on money controlled establishment media political debates.
Only you can lift this movement off the ground.




Our sole purpose is to replace global criminal gang with new world government, which will not be manipulated by money, by introducing the "against" vote option in elections. This is not a difficult task if we understand and spread awareness that any political pundit, critic, expert who does not advocate the solution, is a total fraud, a distraction, and should be disregarded.

WE DO NOT NEED MAJORITY to take away political power from evil, and give it back to people - we need 1% of of well organized believers, to act as one, under one banner, to break the barrier of obscurity, without any financial assistance or publicity of money controlled mass media. Once we accomplish that, the masses will see a distinction between all the hypocritical movements, which were forcing their message with paid advertisements and showcasing on establishment media, while claiming to be grass roots, and the real thing: like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump was introduced as a presidential candidate on the establishment media for hundreds of millions, before he could even fill a toilet of supporters. If you eliminate all movements and politicians who used money or exposure of establishment's mass media debates to gain recognition for themselves, as being "anti establishment and big money", then this is the only movement left standing to unite behind, despite its' perceived lack of popularity.

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: Political experts on money controlled mass media are constantly exposing political establishment. They also constantly invite new "rising" experts to showcase, and take turns exposing the truth about the latest scandal. But any time political experts or candidates choose to participate on establishment's money controlled mass media debates, as they gain recognition for themselves, they help this media retain credibility as a non bias, independent news source, to remain as our eyes and ears to the outside world, as the host of election coverage. Without participation of these "anti establishment" experts showcasing on the establishment media debates, the masses of people would have turned away, and would have no longer been manipulated by the establishment.

These critics are just like idiots going to play cards at a house of a con artist: House of con artists will let them speak, let them expose establishment, let them win the arguments, however, when the time comes, such as before elections, any such experts who become an irritation to the bosses, any candidates whom they cannot fully trust, are swept under the rug, are made mockery of and not invited back into these debates. For example Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders were both suddenly replaced by much less popular Herman Cain and Hillary Clinton, respectively.

Therefor, much more important than the truth exposing even establishment's biggest crimes, is to alert the masses to the fact that, it is not what is said, but the fact where it is said and who says it that matters: Anyone can tell us that the river is dirty, but one person may be condemned to living down that river, while another person may be making good money having a factory up that river. Most political critics on news media, are making good money exposing political establishment - they are controlled opposition.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "INDEPENDENT" MEDIA (which is now dependent on money) until plan to elect it's representatives is implemented, as described in the second half of this video. (Today, they are all more or less Alex Joneses)

WE MUST NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY POPULARITY OF ESTABLISHMENT SHILLS: in bigger cities, some establishment circus candidates, who are being systematically dangled in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, can easily get 20,000 fans to attend their rallies; And Historically, a crowd of 20,000 would have meant the entire village, surrounding villages, and then some! But today, in a city of 2 million, 20,000 fans is just 1% of population. What are they gloating about? pop stars fill stadiums with much less publicity - vast majority of population has rejected the establishment circus, they are awake and not ignorant. Criminally ignorant are those who talk about political problems, and yet fail to unite behind solution, to give power back to the people. It is your responsibility to publicly confront them, especially on social media, and ask them: why are they not mentioning solution to those problems? why are they so uninformed and ignorant? They will try to educate you - who are they to educate? They will say "we must create awareness before we can unite, to wake up the masses" - the masses have fallen asleep precisely because they got tired of all these political experts, expressing their political opinions, which are like asses: everyone has one, and they all stink!



ROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT IS TO REPRESENT ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY, AND NOT A MOB WITH SPECIAL INTERESTS. Today, if someone bribes public officials and asks them to oppress, raise taxes, or wage war on certain people or class, it will do just that, "in the name of security", (those who have been groomed for political careers, will refer to bribery as lobby-ism - a more innocent sounding term).

In today's technologically advanced world, where we can travel to the opposite side of the world in a matter hours, and can communicate with each other instantly over internet, the idea of each nation having a government respectively representing it's own people, is just an illusion, because great advantage always lies for those who can afford to fly over border walls, bribe public officials to avoid trade tariffs, capitalize on conflicts between nations, and so on. For ordinary people it only puts restraints on travel, on business, on exchanges, and so on, unnaturally creating billionaires at the expense of degrading humanity and creating welfare class to hide behind.

Therefor, the only true government can be a global government, and the only way it can represent all people equally, is if no one is capable of bribing it.

PREVENTING PUBLIC OFFICIALS FROM BRIBERY: It is one thing when businesses use money for advertisements, but when money is allowed to advertise political campaigns, people are literally being sold - it is no longer a republic, but a democracy of those who control the money - The balance of power is completely gone, while society is left with handouts and illusions.

Bribery is a crime of the highest level and deserves the highest punishment - And those in the media who present themselves as good, by opposing harsh punishment, support continuation of the system against which they speak out, as they are getting paid to serve as controlled opposition. They also have been instructed in their journalism schools to use sugar coated terms like "lobbyism" to address bribery, to make it sound more acceptable.

But who is to administer the punishment, when the entire system is corrupt? - The entire system must be replaced: millions of the same employees that are now working for the criminal entity, will be transitioned to work for a real government that represents the people, and what will prevent the people that bring this new system from entrenching and becoming corrupt themselves, under our plan, is ability of people to actually vote against them, an option which is unavailable as of the year 2018, in their global "democratic" political circus.

OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES ARE THOSE WHO TALK LIKE US, BUT FAIL TO ACT AS ONE WITH US, UNDER THE BANNER OF NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. They keep referring to a criminal gang as "the government", and to their political circus as "democracy". They present no solution, and are a distraction which keeps the masses confused. Clarity of our one unifying movement is an absolute most important part to humanity's success against the international criminal gang. For example: In 2007 Ron Paul revived a tea party, with a clear intent to audit the fed. it became a successful movement. Then, in 2012, out of nowhere, as Ron Paul was running for president himself, Ex federal reserve bank chairman, Herman Cain, was appointed by the establishment media to give a tea party response to Obama's state of the union address, boradcasted all over the world on money controlled mass media. movement was hijacked. We have not heard much about the tea party since, it has become a joke, (as perhaps Ron Paul was himself)

As of 2018, web sites mirroring are all over google search, and if you search for the identical words "new world government", you will instead run into those sites, because the original site still does not show up. This is not as a result of bad search engine optimization on the site, but as a result of establishment fearing the solution that is presented on it. That is why new world government must always be mentioned as

WHO IS BEHIND NEWWORLDGOVERNMENT.NET? It would be deceitful for me to say that the people are behind, because I, one individual am behind it. I am not hiding my identity, but I am not promoting it either. When political pundits act like they are not seeking privileged positions of power, as they criticize others in privileged positions of power, reminding us their own names, and then themselves gain recognition, then they in fact become leaders in privileged positions of power. A leader is not necessarily in a form of a president, a leader is inevitable, we can only choose if we are led or manipulated, and introducing the against vote option in elections, as is my clearly stated goal, contradicts the very idea of manipulation: I am simply not a hypocrite.



WHAT EXACTLY IS THE REAL POLITICAL SOLUTION AND A PLAN TO ACHIEVE IT? - unite to take power away from politicians, by electing candidates of, who take an oath, to only pass an act that will require all elections to have the against vote option, and resign. This will then finally give a voice to all the people who oppose establishment's top celebrities, and it will prevent people from voting out of fear for the lesser of two evils. So if a candidate that was very well publicized/criticized receives 10 million "for" votes, from the people to whom he promised free health massage, or free border wall, but also gets 20 million "against" votes, from people who do not wish to give out free health massage or build his free wall, then a simple grass roots candidate, who was excluded from establishment media debates and only managed to get 1 million votes, (the required minimum to avoid confusion), but even less against votes, because he never promised to take away or give away free this or free that, still wins, because televised celebrities are judged not only by their popularity but by all voters.

WHY IS IT BETTER FOR US IF THE MASSES HAVE POWER BY HAVING THE AGAINST VOTE OPTION? - The masses never voted to start a war, to raise taxes, to raise benefits and pay of politicians, to rob the hard working and successful - it is hypocrisy of politicians who break their promises to people: every single billionaire (conservative or liberal) is connected like a leech to the people in the so called government, who control and redistribute tax money.

A MOB RULE is where, without the against vote option, a minority well organized into a mob, (such as with the help of mass media criticism), can "elect" a representative, which was never elected by, and does not represent society as a whole, it represents a mob, a minority, and forces it's will upon society as a whole.

Servants of money controlled mass media, have put in a great deal of effort to brainwash the masses into believing that the masses are ignorant, by systematically encouraging and shining a spotlight on ignorance; With this ignorance, right and especially left wing networks create an illusion that democracy is like two wolves and a sheep voting for what's for dinner, when in fact there is no democracy to begin with, but only an orchestrated circus, in which puppets of the elites refer to themselves as the world community and criticize each other.

POLITICAL ALIENATION - political activists keep telling us that "the solution is to educate the masses" This statement in itself is an insult to the masses, to any individual! - who are they to educate?!! before we write each other off, for believing in Hitler or Stalin, Jesus or Obama, Capitalism or communism, we must remember that our opinions are as a direct result of the information we have been receiving. We have not all been receiving the same information, we have been intentionally receiving conflicting information, because those who are in the business of providing information, would not be in the business unless they can distinguish themselves from the rest, by telling some truth and then improvising. Other way one truth teller would be sufficient - the rest could get on with it, picking up the broom and sweeping what needs to be swept. As soon as any of us open our mouths about politics and start expressing our political views in any way, we begin to alienate each other, and we do not have the privilege to alienate each other, unlike the circus actors on mass media, who can be turned into a messiah by getting just 1% of idiots to support them: In a city of one million, that one percent, packed into an arena becomes 10,000 fans! and then when televised, can be made to look that the entire nation is crazy about this new messiah, because historically, in the old days, 10,000 fans would have meant the entire village, and then some. And the mass media, which introduces this puppet in the first place, while acting like they are against him, will go along with this false notion that the entire nation of people in need of political education is behind this new communist, or a con artist named servative.

We do not have that privilege to alienate each other, to "educate" each other: while you are trying to wake up one person at a time, they are brainwashing a million at a time, through mass media they now control, and by the time you are on your third student, the first student has already forgot what you told him as he is being brainwashed with half truths again. That is why the political awakening has been going on since at least 1960's flower power, and has only gotten us where we are today. So we must keep our mouths shut with our political opinions and unite. Everything that needs to be said in response to any political rant, can be done with a simple mention of

DIVISIVE POLITICAL TERMINOLOGY: Let us never be divided by all these idiot activists, always posing as anti ruling class activists, with their divisive political terminology: "democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, capitalists, communists, nationalists, internationalists, democracy, dictatorship, Ashkenazis, Zionists" All of these terms are absolute garbage, created by political industry with intent to divide, let us instantly recognize and disregard this filth: When right wing political trolls accuse left wing trolls of excess taxation, let the mention of remind them that every month, every modernized family in U.S has to also come up with money to pay taxes which they refer to as bills: internet service bills, all kinds of utility bills, television, telephone service bills. These corporate tax bills would not exist, if the internet, which was invented by tax payer funded military complex, would not have been hijacked by corporations. Television "service" bills would not exist, if it were not for satelites put in the sky for tax payer money. These corporations grew out of tax payer labor, and it is now more convenient for them to be "independent" of the "government", so that they do not have the responsibility to redistribute the tax "bills" they collect, back into society. And when political trolls of the left wing start implying that "if we could only tax those who have more a little bit more", let it be pointed out that every single billionaire, without exception, is connected like a leech, to the people in the so called government, who control and redistribute tax money. Whether in "government" or the media, both sides are a part of the same criminal heist against society.

POLITICAL PROBLEM IS CLEAR: Global criminal gang keeps deceiving, stealing and wasting tax money, waging wars, oppressing people, enjoying nice retirements for themselves. What is the solution to this problem? idiots will say "to inform people of truth, to expose lies" - This is equivalent to saying we are stupid, you are smart. If a criminal gang already told us a 1,000,000 lies, should we feel ignorant because we are not informed about the lie #1,000,001? No.

YOUR OBLIGATION IS TO THRIVE, and not be a slave to the system. To fulfill this obligation, you must understand that, you are everything that exists in this world, and it is therefor your obligation to seek order; Order which can be provided not by some anarchist, rebel, anti establishment group, humanitarian organization that needs your donations, politician, political critic, billionaire or any of his puppet presidents; but order which can only be created as described on this site. Individually you can lift yourself up by your own boot straps, if you are privileged enough to live in a free nation, but we are now living in a world of hypocrisy. It is your obligation to confront any political expert on social media and ask them: why are they not mentioning solution to those problems they lecture us about? why are they so uninformed and ignorant?

DISREGARD THEIR SCARE TACTICS: Establishment controlled opposition shills, who expose establishment, such as Alex Jones and others, have a large arsenal of scare tactics to discourage society from rising up against them: "Elites have under ground lairs, and if society was to rise up, they will move into those lairs and nuke the world, or put us all into FEMA camps; They are connected to aliens who are super advanced; World government will turn us all into slaves, and take away our freedoms; Those who speak out against Clintons get killed (only we are brave enough and in a position to do it, just sit and listen); if you stand up against establishment, your livelyhood will be destroyed; Before Jesus comes to save the world, evil must come first, so watch out for Jesus types;" - Before you get frightened by any of this drivel, remember, that all mighty god is always behind those of us who fight for justice, while those who are afraid, are equivalent to worms who chose to hide in the ground, as opposed to rise up and fly like birds.



MONEY IS NOT EVIL: People do evil things for money; they also do evil things for lust, for power, for revenge, out of fear. Laziness is more evil than money: it makes people crave money and power, which allows them to be lazy, do less while getting more. But money has taken a life form of it's own, and humanity has become a slave to it. Like you, I do things for money in my personal business. I will not conduct business without pay. But out of my heart, I created this web site, as an obligation to god and my fellow human beings. I created it, because we cannot defeat the system which is corrupted by money with the use of money: Every single politician who speaks out against corruption, seek donations, claiming that he only wants donations from individuals and not from big interests. These hypocrites are true evil, because why should any of these unity seeking hypocrites unite, if their own donation collecting business takes off?? they will claim of course "it is not a business, it's a non profit", and that they "do not get a penny from those donations". - Reality of how our top "public servants" retire tells a different story, and there is absolutely no need to believe that new ones will be any different: If they need money to get their word out, to promote themselves, it means the people do not willingly share their message, do not care about their message, because if they did, their message would go viral without any need for paid advertisements, or showcasing on the debates of money controlled mass media.









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