True social prosperity can only exist if the elites do not leech off the working class. Until then, we can only look prosperous by comparing ourselves to other oppressive regimes and destabilized nations - Establishment's conservatives have a track record of destabilizing nations with intent "to protect America against terrorists", and liberals have a track record of raising taxes, which they claim is "for the most part on the top 1%" - Only they do not mention the fact that it means absolutely nothing to the elites if they have to pay more taxes when they do not have to work for that money to pay those taxes, when they can just print or type up more money to pay those taxes.

And they do not mention facts such as that for example under Libyan "terrorist" president Gaddafi, (whom their democratic hero Obama got street thugs to murder) people actually had free education, free health care, free electricity, full retirement benefits, citizens received percentage of all oil sales, unemployed Libyans received the average salary for their profession in benefits, etc.

They do not mention the fact that internet in USA was developed by tax payer funded military complex, and therefor despite being taken over by private sector by bribing politicians, it rightfully belongs to the society, and the internet "service" bills that we all actually have to pay every month, regardless of our financial status, is actually just another corporate tax to benefit the wealthy.

On corporate media, in their corporate circus, corporate democrats are very limited to what they can mention in order to be on that stage, and even more limited to what they can actually do: Just like Donald Trump never drained the swamp, Obama never brought peace, Bush never stopped nation building, neither will Bernie Biden make good on any of his policies, especially not in the long run.

The actual way to prosperity is by taking not just the country, but the world back from global oligarchy: By giving back to humanity what is already rightfully theirs - This alone eliminates all need for taxing legitimate businesses:

There are two very distinctive types of businesses: Businesses (or corporations) that suck things out of thin air, ground, water or space and charge us taxes, (which they call "bills", such as internet service bills, telephone, television service bills, energy bills) - these are not legitimate, they stole everything from social sector, and hire publicists who go on corporate media and relentlessly defend this oligarchy. These conservofraudsters were happy when communism tore down the wall, why are they happy to build one under Trump? - Hypocrisy.

And businesses that actually produce something, which are in fact burdened with taxes. Liberating humanity from global oligarchy and its' illegitimate corporations will eliminate all need to tax legitimate businesses - if certain corporations do a better job at management than social sector, there will always be enough money to pay those corporations rather than them owning our government by bribing public officials and inventing words like "lobbyism" to make it seem legitimate.

To effectively organize to bring social prosperity we must also understand the extent of global oligarchy

Activists, get your terminologies right before regurgitating what you read: avoid using terms like capitalism and socialism in either a positive or negative way, because they have been too well entangled with puppets of our oppressors and only scare people off. We will get ahead much further and much quicker if we work under one name, newworldgovernment.net.
And people, do not view poor socialist countries as an indicator that socialism fails: first of all, most of those socialist countries actually have corporate puppets in charge, and are socialist only in name, and the rest who are not, are being economically strangled by global dictatorship.


- Instead of zoos for animals, trail cages for people will be built to view the animals in their natural habitat. With cheap modern transportation, all working class people will be able to afford to travel to different parts of the world, to view those animals, and to get to know each other in person, instead of through virtual tours and media reporting.

- Healthy restaurants, which may not necessarily consist of meat products, will be introduced into every community. Food advertisements on public land will be prohibited. Food stamps will only be valid to buy health food.

- Humanity will be encouraged to carry their own recyclable containers and bags to eliminate plastic contamination. Penalties for pollution will be severe.

- Drug war will take a drastic turn: 1. Military will be reassigned to battle drug pushers targeting children, 2. Adult drug addicts shall be supplied with free (cheaply produced) common street drugs to eliminate cash flow for criminal drug dealing gangs, 2. Set up self sustainable drug rehabilitation islands, (which will be much easier to keep drug free,) where volunteer addicts seeking to recover will be able to sign up for an agreed period of time to live and work on, without permission to leave until the agreed upon date. Addicts who will be deemed nuisance by their local communities (not federal or international government) will be sent off to those islands without their consent.

- Private prisons will be eliminated and managed by local communities. Convicted criminals will be required to provide sufficient amount of service to the community for their housing, or be eliminated: No convict shall exist as a burden on society, and no private company shall profit from prisoners.

- Public, advertisement free forums, supervised by local communities as well as international government will be set up for people to communicate without interference of corporations, for prevention of data theft, intimidation, and lawless for profit censorship.

- To combat partial truthers preaching hatred and racism, all members of these particular forums will be required to use their actual names and addresses. This is necessary because if for example there is a white pride movement, then it naturally encourages a black pride movement in response; And even though these partial truth movements usually start out very innocent, as they get desperate for attention and funding, they begin to lie and exaggerate, which creates the very racism and hatred they supposedly want to fight in the first place. (Let these shadow warriors continue using corporate forums for their "educational" purposes)

- Taxation will be eliminated, as it only puts a strain on working class people, since elites do not actually have to work more or less for those taxes either way. Instead, to fund government programs, resources which belong to society, but have been stolen from society by bribing politicians, will be taken back to fund government projects. Corporations which prove to be doing a better job at managing those resources than government sector, will instead be paid a modest amount for their services, and will not be allowed to hold governments and nations hostage: Such resources include oil (which being owned by private industry has played a huge part in wars and destruction) internet, television "services", energy "services", privately owned fake named "federal reserve" money printing "management services" etc.