The only "battle" is for who will be counting the votes and announcing the winner. If ours was not the most popular movement with the society, then there would have been no need to systematically ban us from social mass media and plant impostors.

There are leaders like Donald Trump and Bernie Biden, who manage to sneak into establishment media debates to reach out to the masses, "against the will of the establishment, even though establishment does not like them". And as a result of this exposure, they can fill arenas, which establishment media then televise to the entire nation. But what is an arena of 20,000 fans in a city of 2 million? - It's 1% of population of that city - This is absolutely meaningless and should play absolutely no role in any serious reporting or serious elections, only in something that is being intentionally rigged - it's a psychological warfare, to demoralize any outsider movement. But take your eyes away from TV and internet for a minute and look outside in your own street: what's the percentage of people, of households that are displaying any kind of support for these top presidential candidates which are being constantly shoved into each household through TV and internet? - no more than 5%! - Vast majority does not believe in the political circus on TV, SOCIETY IS AWAKE TO THE FACT THAT THE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED!

Before we label majority as ignorant, we should ask, what exactly are we ourselves doing to combat this criminal political syndicate? - as the awakened, it is our responsibility to unite and lead the way, to create a movement for society to join instead of those bandwagons of impostors that are being pushed on mass media. If these impostors on TV, who could never keep their campaign promises in the past to begin with, would so much as dare to even mention the actual solution, to become a threat to this global criminal syndicate, then the entire mass media and it's political mafia would completely abandon them, chew them up and spit them out - they would no longer be allowed to run their paid ads or showcase in front of millions like they do now, and our "joke of a movement" would suddenly outshine any of them.

Their so called elections, in which no one can vote against them, could be considered legitimate if at least 50% of population would vote for a given candidate, but they cannot even get anything close to 50% to vote in the first place - I can just as easily place a ballot next to my chicken coup, pour some shelled corn on the ballot, and claim that I was elected by my chickens to be the American president - The only difference is that I do not control mass media to make myself look serious, and they have the entire political industry working to make it look serious to the viewers.

Remember, elections are in November, and anything we keep hearing on the establishment media and idiots regurgitating their stories before that, about how this or that candidate has a chance to win, while this or that candidate does not have a chance to win, is all establishment's psychological warfare, establishment rigging our elections and demoralizing opposition.

After we build our movement bigger than theirs (which is not so hard to do if we realize what is really happening) we will be the ones doing the vote count and we will be the ones announcing the winner, and the military will be behind us on that - Establishment, to retain credibility, has already exposed itself as a source not to be trusted, our responsibility is to form a government which does not divide society, which represents justice rather than a particular category of people, which does not replace one set of political celebrities with another, and to educate ourselves before attempting to educate others:

Humanity can be divided into all kinds of categories, but in reality there are two: Productive members of society, and the useless people category, which is the global political industry. Let us fully understand this class so that we can unite and liberate ourselves from their oppression:

Retired people do not fall into this category, but critics of the system most often do: for example, it is a requirement of politicians in other nations to criticize American "government", to score favorable points with their local following. American political actors like ex military turned "Anti war" candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who later again endorsed war monger Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich who gave a standing ovation to George Bush, Bernie Sanders who endorsed Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul who suddenly suspended his presidential bid when he was far more popular than John McCain, have been documented in this video and throughout this site. Political industry fully controls all mass media, and is constantly seeking out to promote it's own critics, in order to control opposition, because if people unite behind someone outside that venue, they can no longer be controlled, and the entire political industry, with millions of well paid actors will crumble.

These are the true racists, their entire existence depends on division and representation of a certain category of people. Why exactly does "our government" need to know our race for things like driving license or the census they conduct? - They invented terms like democracy and republic, communism and capitalism, they label humanity which wants nothing to do with their politics as "ignorant". They created nations for division, and not any sort of diversity. Political industry also includes most "anti establishment" activists on social media: If these people truly do not trust the "government" or politicians, then they would have been advocating new world government plan to get rid of politicians, rather than using truth for personal attention, to create a recognition for themselves, basically saying "system sucks look at me, listen to my radio show, watch my channel, learn more about how the system is corrupt, wake up you're sleeping!" etc.

Thousands of political critics in USA alone are paid millions to criticize the system without offering a clear solution, for being noise makers: They are part of the political industry, they have a big advantage over us in gaining following, not only because they are promoted and shoved into society's face through mass media, but because they are allowed to plagiarize truth about the political problems, while when those of us who direct those problems into solution speak the same truth, whenever we get too much attention, we get banned "to protect the feelings of the community". They can come out with new content every day to amuse their audiences, to talk about pizza gate, Russia gate, water gate, latest shooting incident, until the audiences heads start to spin and they redirect their truth into yet another commercial, perhaps about how some establishment's candidate needs your support to defeat another bad establishment's candidate.

When you ad them all up, the entire political industry may seem overwhelmingly massive however, majority of people within it - police, military, even some politicians and critics on the media, have been caught up in the system against their will, and will gladly join the fight against their own bosses the moment they will realize that there is a true movement with an actual plan for justice with a good chance to defeat the establishment. For now they have no choice but to be silent, or else they would lose their jobs and be replaced with new "anti establishment" warriors from mommas basements.

Millions of political experts and everyone within society seems to agree: corrupt politicians and ignorant people who elect them. I express my sincere gratitude to all volunteer activists who put in the effort to wake people like me up to the fact that the system is corrupt.

But what should we do now that we are awake? Revel in the fact that we are smarter than humanity which is ignorant and sleepy? I am also getting tired of being awake for 25 years now, repeatedly getting blocked on all social media for fighting racism and corruption, being insulted by face-book which labeled me as a spammer to all my friends, even in private messages; wrongly arrested, system falsely claiming that I have a criminal record, even repeatedly scolded by my own mother and my father when he was alive, who did not want me to get tangled up in any way with this global criminal gang for my own good. I neglected their advice for many years, because I felt it is a crime to know that there is a crime in progress and not do anything about it, so I kept at it. But after decades with internet and millions of activists as well as thousands of professional news people, exposing thousands if not millions of political lies and crimes by so called government officials, it would be very ignorant to claim that humanity is not yet awake to the fact that the system is corrupt.

And so as heroic as people like Julian Assange may seem to many of us, I must ask what may seem like an arrogant question: Considering the fact that people can only listen to so many of us, who is more important to be heard now in our battle against the corrupt system - people like Assange or me? And before you think this is a ridiculous or useless question, finish reading the paragraph: I have put in a lot of my own money, and dedicated more than half of my life on presenting an actual solution to this problem, and I view people like Assange as just another barking dog, distracting and stealing "my" spotlight. I say this not to insult a person whom I sincerely consider to be one of many true heroes, but out of necessity to unite truthers for the right course of action: due to our inability to unite and speak with one clear voice, me, Assange (along with thousands of other goodhearted truthers) have failed miserably - Obama/Trump/Biden is an undeniable proof of that - There are many aspiring political hypocrites with some brainwashed followers who will smile and tell you "relax, we have a bandwagon you can jump on, of a happening anti corruption movement", but they are the true problem, even more so than the corrupt establishment itself, because corrupt establishment itself has already been well exposed by all of us.

And so if we do not win the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, I will know it is due to ignorance of humanity and the truthers seeking personal attention rather than unity, and so I will permanently retire from politics to focus on my own life, and become a part of what these truthers have been calling "ignorant society". I will hold my own elections by allowing ducks in my back yard to vote for me, which I will certainly win. .