To control the opposition, a weak but manipulative global criminal gang, which has taken over peoples resources by waging wars throughout history, is financing partial truthers, imbeciles and racists to brainwash humanity into believing that the problem is one of the factions which they create and fund: democratic party, evangelical Christians, Islamic terrorists, China, Russia, America, Lazy blacks and minorities, former white slave owners, greedy republicans etc. - depending which of their "independent" networks you watch. These noise makers echo partial truth derailing it into yet another commercial or political campaign; They fabricate incriminating lies about it's own masters, to discredit reality and truth about serious crimes it actually commits. And so humanity has become disoriented and appears to be ignorant: With millions of lies and crimes perpetrated by different factions of this global criminal gang, which ones should we alert society about? I compiled a short list of what I believe to be the hardest to deny facts about the most serious crimes, so that we can show it to anyone who may deny the fact that we are dealing with a global criminal gang, and not any government. This way we can save ourselves enormous amount of time arguing with establishment's trolls (who should be noted are always the first ones to join our movements, before the disoriented members of society) and proceed to the actual solution.

This global criminal gang may want us to believe that they are trying to create order in the world "NWO", by waging wars against "evil" regimes, destabilizing entire regions. And so naturally New World Government may sound like a name of their evil organization, to those who watch enough of their "independent" media programming.

But there is no other way to liberate humanity from this global criminal gang, than by taking back what is ours: Our world, our media, our money printing, our resources, it all belongs to us. And "us" meaning not some new famous critic, new politician, singer song writer capitalizing on peoples' desire for rebellion, but by a government that represents all people, not just those who vote for certain politicians who promise them free handouts. A government that represents all people will never tolerate the welfare class, nor will it ever neglect those in need of welfare. Such a government can only exist if people have the ability to voice their opinion by voting against candidates that are voted in by a portion of society.

And what would happen if any one nation would decide to form such a government or elect a leader that truly represents the nation rather than the international banking cartel? - we all saw what happened when a small nation such as Iraq or Libya tried to establish their own gold backed currency, (every "evil" regime seems to lack their private bank) but what if a nation such as USA, with the most powerful military in the world, would decide to elect a true leader and not an impostor? - just like they did globally with corona virus shutdown, privately owned federal reserve would soon very likely issue a statement specifically targeting America, (and the entire news media and all the aspiring political entertainers will regurgitate it) stating something like "BREAKING NEWS: AMERICA HAS BANKRUPTED, DOLLAR IS NOW WORTHLESS"... And this will end American greatness as we know it. And if American military would try to wiggle it's way out of this conundrum, other big dogs like Russia and China which have tolerated "American imperialism" all this time, would suddenly be willing to take a stand against this "evil empire".

That is why it makes absolutely no sense for ordinary American people to unite against its' local government, and it is a responsibility of every social media warrior around the world to publicize these New World Government elections in USA, the unofficial police of the world, which houses military bases in other nations.

We must also be alert: Numerous examples have been documented of how establishment hijacks and derails legitimate movements, that is why every time we mention New World Government, we must mention the entire URL, which is newworldgovernment.net, because they can just as easily derail it into newworldgovernment./gov or .com and turn it into something completely different.

Our enemy are not the misinformed people who associate themselves with nationality, idiotic political terminologies, race or religion. Our enemy (who themselves are not racist, but in fact very well united) created divisive political terminology, nations and races out of thin air, for the purpose of division - we are all one race, more or less tan, depending on where we have been living, yet for some reason, our "government" which is supposedly trying to fight racism, constantly needs to know our race, our ethnicity, our religion, and other garbage, when for example collecting their census data or having us fill out forms for drivers license. In politics everything is crooked and twisted to hide reality: they act like they are trying to create a "New World Order" - when in actuality they are a bunch of mostly old men, who profit from disorder. There was order in the Middle East - they created disorder, they funded terrorism. They are doing this systematically through out the world.

Anarchy is like a plowed field for them, ready to plant whatever they choose, only we, the ordinary people have to do all the actual work. I would not have been writing any of this, if I was allowed to live a normal peaceful life, but I had a traumatizing childhood, and for a long time I was blaming communism for my lack of opportunity and misfortunes - then I realized that communism is just one of their own experiments, funded, created and then destroyed by the same people who control capitalism. Billionaires won from collapse of communism, and ordinary people like us lost, very often everything. Today I am grateful to god and my father for everything that I have, living in USA - And perhaps those who served in the U.S. military expect me to be grateful to them, but I cannot be grateful to them unless they see the full picture and carry out a New World Government plan to finally liberate the entire humanity:

U.S. military is already stationed all over the world, in many cases not even welcomed there. Under the command of New World Government, this military will have absolute total authority to do what needs to be done:

Enforce real elections in every community, investigate every suspicious resident of any mansion, every rich person for ties to government contracts, to find out how exactly they became rich, every scammer, every fraudster who conned people out of money in all corners of the world, every hacker, every welfare recipient.

- All this is very easy if our system is refreshed with people who are not tied to the previous administrations, having a list of all the friends "they do not want to hurt" (Donald Trump about Clintons after being elected as president: "I do not want to hurt them, they are good people"). For example: when a scammer in Africa tries to con a senior in the U.S. to send them money, all money dispensing locations can easily and instantly be alerted about a person with that particular tracking number to show up to collect the money, and while they wait for their cash after presenting them that tracking number, police come to arrest them. The only logical explanation for why this has not been happening is, because our own "governments" are run by absolute criminals. There is no other explanation.